Multimedia project from Bolivia


Bolivia has the most paritarian parliament in the region and the second one in the world with more women than men, right after Rwanda. ‘Where Women Make the Laws’ is a multimedia coverage of women making history, women making the laws. We are telling the story of the former president of the Constitutional Assembly, Silvia Lazarte, a farmer who have not finished her studies but who has leaded one of the most prominent periods of Bolivia recent history. But we are also relating the story of women labourer in construction in the city of El Alto and the saleswomen in La Paz, both cases reflect the feminization of poverty.

We are also talking about one of the consequences that, unfortunately has come with the incorporation of women to politics, which is the violence and harassement against women member of the Parliament, Assambly and city councilwoman. Many women politicians in Bolivia has suffered not just insults and outrages acts just for the fact of being women but even they have found a wall with bricks in the entrance of their offices so they can not do their jobs.

‘Where Women Make the Laws’ is a project by Alice Campaignolle, Irene Escudero Pérez and Carlos Heras Rodríguez funded by European Journalism Centre & Melinda Gates Foundation

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