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Leonilda Zurita: a journey from unionism to politics

Leonilda Zurita started her activism in coca grower’s unions being very young. She leaded several protests in the 90’s and 2000’s, together with the current president Evo Morales, claiming for the legalization of coca crops and the end of military intervention in Chapare area, clashing against both the policy of the former Bolivian government and USA’s. She was an executive from Confederación Bartolina Sisa, the most prominent peasant women union in Bolivia, and she is nowadays a regional politician in Cochabamba.

Leonilda Zurita: “Unionism was my best learning platform”.

Listen Leonilda about her views about unionism and the massive incorporation of women in politics. She is notoriously proud of the achievements, but she doesn’t forget the challenges to come.

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Silvia Lazarte, president of the Constituent Assembly

Recovering the lifestories of the most prominent Bolivian women in recent history is a core part of our work. Nowadays, Silvia Lazarte is out of political life and earns her live cultivating soybean in a little terrain in Santa Cruz Department.

La Sole, a woman in front of a difficult city

Soledad Chapetón or “La Sole”, as called by the citizens, is the mayor of El Alto. Woman, young and member of the opposition, Sole is leading a city located at 4.000 meters high which has been an essential bastion for Evo Morales’ party, the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS).